Hi, I'm  Julie-- A fine art photographer based out of Montgomery County, PA where I call the little town of Souderton, home. I've been married to my best friend for 4 years now, and photographing for thirteen (woah!). Known for my love of magic + adventure-- I'm a free spirit with a 'shoot for the moon' personality-- I believe anything is possible with determination and hard work.  I adore whales, list making, big dogs, the color gold, daydreaming, being barefoot, cookies, my great dane pup: Zelda, and cruisin' in my bright yellow mini cooper. I love to travel and I'm *always* up for adventure-- check out my 'Journal' to see my latest explorations! Thrift shops and antique stores are like a 2nd home to me. I'm crazy about anything "old" with a story to tell. On weekends you can find me flipping pancakes or deep in thought with a paint brush in my hand, maybe dancing to some Simon & Garfunkel, or re-watching Garden State for about the 50th time. I think it's pretty clear though- the thing I'm most passionate about is photography.

I specialize in non traditional weddings, and creative portraiture. My style is a unique blend of photo journalism + fine art photography with a focus on fashion, happy passionate couples, beautiful landscapes, and off-the-beaten-path ideas. My photos are always infused with magic light, moody tones, and lots of bright color.  My favorite kind of people to work with are the ones who are madly in love, carefree, brave, inspired, adventurous, excited, and passionate about making beautiful, unique photos. I'm a sucker for romance, so for me, there is truly nothing better than photographing two people who love each other and are committed to one another. (Which brings us to... yes, the wedding day!). Photographing a wedding is always exciting for me because each one is different and unique in its own way, whether large & grandiose, or small & quaint; they are all beautiful! I enjoy the challenge of going into a wedding day with the mindset of "Ok, how can I photograph this in a way I've never done before?". It is the creative treasure hunt that keeps me on my toes and constantly fills me with new inspiration and a fresh outlook. For me, photography is not only about the art I create but the friendships I make. I strive to build relationships with my clients and only hope that by the time the big day rolls around I am seen less as a stranger and more as a friend. It's a tough call but I'd have to say out of all the perks of having THE best job in the world, my most favorite thing is getting to be the one who enables people to remember exactly how they felt at a single moment in time; preserving memory. I see so much beauty in all the details. From the billowing clouds over a wedding ceremony, to the golden lining on a bride's dress at sunset; the slight smile in a kiss or a perfect dusting of freckles on a pretty face. My goal as an artist is to capture each and every subject in a way that is soft and dreamy, always natural, uniquely creative, and full of beautiful light. I am most inspired by music, fashion, sunlight, God's goodness, and the relationships around me. 

I am currently booking weddings for 2020 + 2021, and YES I travel! So if you'd like, shoot me an email and we can meet over coffee... or ice cream... or anything delicious.
Let's chat; I would love to learn more about you!