Kevin + Stevie | Forestville Barn Wedding

I clicked with Stevie + Kevin from the moment I got their inquiry about booking their wedding with me. Stevie's entire email was sprinkled with so much excitement and enthusiasm for creativity, beautiful photos, and of course her fiance and love of her life, Kevin. I love the way she told me about their relationship: 

"We both attended the same elementary, middle & high school since my move to the area at age 9. We were always so close to meeting but so many years would pass until we were truly introduced into each others lives. Call it whatever you will but I really believe fate had its perfect moment for us and it wasn't meant to be a moment too soon. Instantly there were sparks & our friendship developed quickly into something more. We were just kids, maybe, but the understanding we had of each other without even saying a word was something else."

From their effortless engagement shoot at Fonthill castle, through the excitement of planning and hearing all of  Stevie's updates of new, fun, details she was incorporating into her wedding, and the occasional silly and exciting texts both before and after the wedding, we managed to meet as complete strangers and leave as friends. Stevie + Kevin's wedding has easily become one of my all time favorite weddings. I love all the unique, creative touches they added throughout the day that so perfectly represented Stevie + Kevin both individually and as a couple (the bouncy castle, piggie cufflinks, rainbow confetti, pizza, and the handmade altar out of windows that Kevin made (what!!) as well as the unplanned highlites of the day like the gorgeous floral adorned swing (gifted from Bloom Flower Co.), the ushers in matching crazy suits, and the surprise dog that showed up during cocktail hour for pizza and hugs.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Julie Floro Photography
MAKEUP:  Anna Sky Beauty
HAIR: Christine Mitchell
FLORALS + SWING: Bloom Flower Co. 
VENUE: The Barn At Forestville

Wesley + Abby | Golden Peace Valley Engagement

This shoot is particularly special to me because Abby was one of my first friends ever growing up. Our moms were best friends so we grew up together and the memories come in snippets but when I remember days spent with Abby I remember running in fall leaves, rainy cabins in the mountains with days spent collecting toads, Eric Carl books, sunflowers, Harrison the dog, dress up, make believe, and the Jonny Apple Seed prayer over play date lunches. Now almost 20 years later, thanks to the internet and a beautiful engagement, we reconnected and I got to meet the man that she will be spending the rest of her life with. Photographing Abby + Wesley was so refreshing and inspiring. Their love is so natural and genuine and by the way they play off eachother's words and gestures, it is undoubtably obvious that they are perfect for one another. I am so excited that our paths have reconnected after all these years and that Abby has found Wesley. He is so gentle and loving to her and while I have only seen them together once I could tell just by the way they were in this moment that their love is a special one. The evening was golden and the weather too perfect for words. We walked through an entrance of purple wildflowers that welcomed us into the quiet of the woods, sat alongside silent winding streams, and as the sun set, the fields were bathed in golden light and fairy flecks.