Morgan + Vinny | An Alice in Wonderland Engagement

The second Morgan contacted me about photographing her and Vinny's wedding, I knew I HAD to have them in my 2016 crew. It's not too often I meet people who are as excitedly passionate about the beauty of creativity as I am. She talked of art, uniqueness, tea parties, white rabbits, and her long time love for Alice in Wonderland (Those of you who know me well know I have a soft spot for Alice). It's amazing how fast the process of going from strangers to friends goes when you vibe on the same level creatively with someone. This is why I love my job. I get to meet SO many amazing, beautiful, passionate people who are in LOVE and help turn their ideas and dreams into reality. Find a photographer you vibe with. They are not just taking your pictures. They will be spending almost every moment with you on your wedding day. They will be laughing with you, crying with you, dancing with you, and celebrating with you. Find a photographer you can be your true self around. Someone who will meet with you on a personal level-- someone you can be friends with-- someone who will get just as excited as you when you show them your personalized "do you suppose she's a wildflower?" tea cups. It's so, so important, guys. Morgan and Vinny, I can't wait to share your special day with you. Is it September, 2016 yet?!