Caitlinn + Luke | Engaged

I never ever write with my blog posts. It's just not my thing. I prefer to let my photos do the talking but it's been a long while since I had a session that spoke so strongly to my spirit. Caitlinn & Luke's engagement shoot was hard to put into words. It was the kind of adventure that speaks to my soul and sticks with me. We woke up to greet the dawn just as the sun was peeking through the storm clouds in the sky. Driving to our location, I whispered a quiet prayer for the Lord's blessing over this shoot, that everything would run smoothly and that His presence would be in my work as I always do. Recently I've been adding to my prayer that God would surprise me in some way during my session. It was no later than 6:30am and here I was picturing what this 'surprise' might be... imagining fog, a rainbow, or a nature sighting, maybe a lovely snap shot of a deer quiet amongst the trees. Not 5 minutes after my prayer it started down pouring and wouldn't stop. I called up Caitlinn & Luke and asked if they wanted to still go on with the shoot in the rain and they said that of course they did (as I expected them to say because they are adventurous souls which I love). I asked them to pick up an umbrella on their way and of course all the stores they checked either didn't have umbrellas or wern't open yet. So alas, we pulled up to our location, prayed for favor, and stepped out amongst the trees.  The sky was moody and quiet. The rain had pretty much subsided by now leaving every leaf sprinkled with a shimmery gleam that pitter pattered softly all through the shadowy canopy above us, and left little puddles in every crevice below. There was absolutely not another single soul in site. Just us and the earth, celebrating Caitlinn and Luke. The peace I felt as we walked was consuming. The beauty of being unprepared for what our session would hold, I feel, created a raw emotion and honesty in my work that day.  Bare feet against the earth, our laughter through the trees, appreciating the same things, and small beauties, and surprises we found with every step. Long talks about getting out of your comfort zone, being bold adventurers, and loving the cards we were dealt that morning. I am so excited and blessed to be working with such kindred spirits as these two. Counting down the days until Caitlinn & Luke's early morning summer camp wedding in August of 2016.  

*Moody vibes that inspired my editing. View while listening if you please: