Why It's Important to Have Nice Photos of Yourself | Hi, it's me again

Hi guys! Todays blog post is about me! Hi!:) Yesterday was 'me day'. I've been feeling really burnt out lately so I set aside a day just for me. No plans, no shoots, no weddings, errands, or emails. I slept in, ate an amazing breakfast (that wasn't a liquid protein shake), and i enjoyed my day doing what I wanted to do, by myself. I love my job. I so freaking do because it is the best. But sometimes I feel like I am so busy making other people feel beautiful and special that i forget about myself. So today i took pictures of me. In a place I wanted to go. Wearing what I want, with the things I like. I like being outside, I like heart shaped sunglasses. I like my MINI, and tulle skirts, and thrifted clothes. Also my birthday is in a few weeks so i'm celebrating early. Woo! Self portrait sessions are therapeutic and after a long summer, it was just what i needed :)

In lieu of celebrating myself & self portraits (who doesn't like a good picture of themselves...?) I'm offering mini sessions for the heck of it. Literally calling them "For the heck of it" sessions, k? You don't need a reason. You don't need to be getting engaged, or married, or graduating, or having an anniversary, or a baby, exc. --you literally don't need a reason to want nice photos of *yourself*. I know so many people who think they are un-photogenic, which is so sad to me because I know it's just because they haven't been photographed by the right photographer. I believe everyone is photogenic, beautiful, and has the potential to hash tag "model status". Everyone *deserves* to have nice photos of themselves that they love, and feel proud of without reason, and that's nothing to feel embarrassed, or weird, or bad, or vain about (or whatever silly thing you're thinking). So pick your favorite outfit, a location that you love, and your car, or your pet or idk literally ANYTHING and let's shoot! Send me a message-- let's get you on my calendar. 

{'For the heck of it' mini session info at the bottom}
***Oh, and for the record? Yes, self portraits are really, really tough and they take for.ev.er.
Yes, I use a tripod as well as a remote (which is a life saver). It's a lot of work but I still had fun :)

-sunflower top: thrift outlet (.16 cents!)
-tulle skirt: a thrifted wedding dress cut up/re-sewn by my mom! ($8)
-sunglasses: don't know, don't care. My man got them for mee
-belt: thrift outlet (.20 cents)