Caitlinn + Luke | A Greenhouse Bridal Shower

My heart is all fluttery, and excited, and celebratory over this post for more reasons than I can count on my own two hands. For one, the joining of these two AMAZING beings is getting so close-- I can barely contain my excitement to be photographing their summer camp wedding in less than 6 months ahh!! ALSO... THIS BRIDAL SHOWER ohmy ohmy-- it is bold, and brave, and beautifully, exotically unique, and everything I love to photograph. (If you can't tell I love adjectives). Bright colors and bright smiles, a carefree totally genuinely in love couple, and their friends who are totally genuinely happy for them. For my photography business, 2016 is the year of journeying off the beaten path. It's about going places I've never been, doing things I've never done, and never looking back. It's a bit scary journeying the road less traveled when your career is on the line-- closing your eyes, opening your arms, and praying all the uniquely creative souls will somehow find you. Learning to trust that the creator has your best interest in His hands is not always easy but when He rewards you with greenhouses, and inspiration, and clients like Caitlinn & Luke it all just seems worth it.

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