Mark + Vera | Penn's Cave Engagement

Hands down one of the biggest perks of my job is all the beautiful locations I get to visit and all the new friends I get to make. When Vera brought the idea of shooting at Penn's Cave to me, I was a bit skeptical (as a natural light photographer), but also super excited about the idea of journeying into the unknown and never seen, and creating something never done before. Penn's Cave is located in Centre Hall, PA (a good 3.5 hour drive for those of you who follow me locally). It is the only all water cavern in the entire USA, and we are lucky enough to have it nestled here right in the heart of good ol' PA. It is surrounded by the most beautiful, never ending, rolling hills of farmland; and when you walk down the hill you see Penn's Cave-- what seems like two slabs of ancient rock leaning toward each other, dipping into bright *blue* water, and the dark opening of the cave only slightly illuminated by the light of a single boat in the distance.  We were delighted to be visited by the huge rainbow trout jumping out of the waters to eat, as well as a few other cave friends like the owl and bats. Creation is amazing. I am speechless in trying to describe it. All I can say is that I am honored to have spent my time there with two beautiful people in love, who can truly value, appreciate, and marvel at the beauty of such a wondrous, natural piece of art.