Teresa + Steve | Stover-Meyers Mill Engagement

I always seem to book the most precious couples. People who are easy to talk to, fun to be around, and incredibly photogenic. With every couple I photograph I get this sense of encouragement and conformation that *this* is what I am meant to do-- that love is truly my favorite thing in the entire world. To have the privilege of being the one who get's to share these moments with the sweetest couples who are special, and matter, and become important to me as I learn their stories and see how they love. But I'll stop rambling about how much I am enthralled by love and photography because I really could go on forever. 

I explored Stover-Meyers Mill with one such couple last night, and I'm super excited to be sharing their photos on my blog today. The sky was stormy, the air was cool, and the colors of Spring were unreal in the most vibrantly beautiful way.