Drew + Shira | A Rainy Stockton Engagement

The morning of Shira + Drew's engagement photos, we woke up while it was still dark in hopes of catching a gorgeous romantic sunrise, but were met with quite the opposite instead: 60s + rain. The world was not yet awake, and the streetlights still glowed golden as we drove through stormy Stockton fog, and rain began to set in. There's something about waking up before the dawn-- I like the way Shira said it in our messages the night before our shoot: "I love getting up early, it's like a secret world". And there's something about that secret world being covered in a sweep of fog and sprinkled with rain that shines on the streets and reflects the world above while two in love walk hand in hand amongst it all. As adventurers, and lovers of a road less traveled, we decided to roll with the punches despite the weather forecast and move ahead with our shoot. We danced in the rain, and played on silent streets. Shira and Drew took me to their favorite most loved place where they used to live: the beautiful, quaint, sweet little town of Stockton, NJ. We traced paths they used to walk, and dabbled in their favorite past time memories.  Lots of laughter, lots of love, a little rain, and even a small glimmering peek of golden sunshine shone for us that day. 

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