Sean + April | Handmade, Dino-Clad Wedding Celebration

This day. Oh, this day was one of my favorites. I hopped in my car and drove 2 hours and a few minutes off the grid, down winding hills and through far away lands to find the Hennessey family farm nestled in a beautiful, rich green, valley. Sean & April eloped in Hawaii last August, but put together this super cool evening of fun and fellowship in celebration of their marriage this past week. While in Hawaii, they decided not to share pictures of themselves on social media, but instead, brought along two neon dinosaurs (the best kind of dinosaur) and took pictures of them wherever they traveled-- Of course the dinos made an appearance at the celebration as well! I can not say it enough when I try to express how much I really enjoyed photographing these two. Their love for each other is so genuine and tangible (which is something I really admire in a couple), and they are both equally naturals in front of the camera. What a beautiful, perfect day to celebrate two creative souls who have found each other and now walk hand in hand into life's eternity.