Hershberger Heritage Farm

Welcome to Hershberger Heritage Farm-- Sweet and quaint; A 4th generation, veteran, and family owned, raised, and loved farm in the heart of rural Sellersville. I grew up just minutes down the road from here, and I always remember passing this gorgeous sunlight kissed spot of land, thinking what a beautiful life it would be to thrive there. I would have never imagined that years down the road I would be walking those very grounds with Nathan and Shelah Layton (the caretakers of what is now the only certified organic livestock farm in all of Bucks County)--getting an inside peek not only into their jobs, but their lifestyle, and the way they raise their family. There is so much love and care here coming from all angles. We walked through tall grasses with the little ones running ahead, excited to love on the animals and collect the eggs, even if it meant getting a little dirty in the process. You can really tell that the Laytons (all of them) love what they do, and it shows. There's something super meaningful to me about going back to our roots and using all the abundances that this earth has given us, and creating something that is not just another product, but a labor of love. 
Hershberger Heritage Farm provides certified organic, pasture raised, chickens, turkeys and eggs (soy free), as well as organically raised, grass fed beef, lamb, and pork, grazed on certified organic pastures. They also offer cut flowers, bone broth, organic lard soaps (which smell heavenly), certified organic hay, and many different seasonal items.   

Where can you find Hershberger Heritage Farm goods? 

  • The farm store (on location at beautiful Hershberger Heritage Farm)-- Tues-Fri: 1-6pm, Sat: 10am-6p
  • Blooming Glen Farm-- Tues + Thurs: 1-6pm --Look for the HHF meat truck! 
  • Yardley Farmers Market every Saturday (during the season) 9am-1pm
  • Kimberton Whole Foods
  • www.hershbergerheritagefarm.com

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