Winter Bird

What a fun shoot to bring to life! It's been a dream of mine for years to use wings and I found inspiration to finally do it in the song "Winter Bird" by Aurora (which you can listen to while you view in the link below :)) The wings are 7 feet in span and took me 10 hours to make and each feather is individually cut out of paper, folded, and glued. The wardrobe as well, is my first costume made from scratch. The weather was about 29* on the day that we shot this but Jenna did an amazing job pretending otherwise (we had boots, blanket, and jacket for off camera). It is always so much fun to bring shoots like this to life and take people to other magical worlds but I can't imagine how spectacular it would have been to be a passer-by at the park that day, turning the corner and seeing this at the river bend. I like to imagine every time I shoot I am bringing a little bit of real life magic to the world. 

*Listen + View*

"Walking in my sleep
Like the naked trees
will they wake up again
Do they sleep, do they dream?
Feel it as the wind strokes my skin
I am moved by the chill
Hear the winter bird sing...
We are dancing again
In a dream, by the lake"

Makeup: Maggie Frank (of Shear Maggie)
Model: Jenna Paff
Costume + Paper Wings: Julie Floro