Wesley + Abby | Golden Peace Valley Engagement

This shoot is particularly special to me because Abby was one of my first friends ever growing up. Our moms were best friends so we grew up together and the memories come in snippets but when I remember days spent with Abby I remember running in fall leaves, rainy cabins in the mountains with days spent collecting toads, Eric Carl books, sunflowers, Harrison the dog, dress up, make believe, and the Jonny Apple Seed prayer over play date lunches. Now almost 20 years later, thanks to the internet and a beautiful engagement, we reconnected and I got to meet the man that she will be spending the rest of her life with. Photographing Abby + Wesley was so refreshing and inspiring. Their love is so natural and genuine and by the way they play off eachother's words and gestures, it is undoubtably obvious that they are perfect for one another. I am so excited that our paths have reconnected after all these years and that Abby has found Wesley. He is so gentle and loving to her and while I have only seen them together once I could tell just by the way they were in this moment that their love is a special one. The evening was golden and the weather too perfect for words. We walked through an entrance of purple wildflowers that welcomed us into the quiet of the woods, sat alongside silent winding streams, and as the sun set, the fields were bathed in golden light and fairy flecks.