Saturday | An Outting For 2

Only 3 short days until we will be celebrating our 2 years of marriage (already) and I have been thinking a lot about him lately, and how much I love what we have become together. He makes organic hand made icecream and I make art and take photos. Together we afford a simple life but I couldn't ask for more. Dreaming of a home, and looking at all American abodes, decked out new high end appliances and a pool, garnished with an American flag and a splendid 2 car garage; But in the end I'd be ok with the makeshift fixer-upper that needs some love because we can make it our own. Week day evenings are for netflix and videogames, & weekends are for picnics and adventures. I can make a mean breakfast from scratch and he kills all the bugs and pays the bills. We save our pennies to go out and see the world, and when we come home, we start over again with empty pockets and a dream to fulfill. Our house is a mess half the time and a lot of things have been falling apart and left unfixed for months, but that's ok cuz we don't mind. Sometimes we bicker over silly things, we have two totally different tastes in music, and opposite personalities, yet somehow we are undeniably soulmates forever and ever. He's my scary movie arm to hold, bug smasher, eye drop dropper, picture partner, vent confider, outfit adviser, eat-what-i-don't finisher, 2nd half, team mate, best friend.  I love life with him. It's not glamorous-- it's just living-- and i couldn't ask for more. Bring it on, year 3!