I wrote this yesterday, and photographed these today: 

The need to create is real. Sometimes it feels as though my head might just very explode if I don't. It literally becomes like a physical pain where my brain starts to hurt and my ideas start to feel like they are fighting for room in a very small cage with the next. I need to let them out. Social media only makes it worse. It weighs me down. And on a day like today where I feel like all I've done is scroll and scroll and scroll and "pin" and "like" and scroll, my brain hurts. It hurts so bad. So I cleanse my mind an think about the things I love, like creation. People inspire me. Nature inspires me. I want to paint the world in water color hues and make images of people that make them feel proud and beautiful. All the inspiration and ideas and thoughts and opinions keep filtering in and in and in and when I'm not creating it makes an awful pain. I understand now why they say all artists are a bit insane. It's true. Sometimes I secretly feel like I am most definitely going bonkers. The need to walk in the fog along side a lake with good company and camera in hand, or the want to splash colors on paper like little puddles-- purple that dries into soft violet clouds with a deep plumb lining. It's so real. On days like today it's all I can do to ease my mind-- to lay on my bed under the twinkle lights and listen to the music invade my soul and envision where I want to be. Today I am on an Alpine mountain in Spring. I hope there's no snow. There's green grass and I am laying in it on a burgundy quilt and all I feel is the breeze and see the blue mountains in my mind. Once the rain stops I will release my thoughts like birds to reach greater heights and see beyond what others can see. I am an artist. Tomorrow will be my day to create.