Enough With The Pumpkin Already, It's Still August!


1.) Go to a drive in movie-- try Shankweilers! It's just up past Quakertown. 

2.) Have a bonfire/s'mores party. Each friend brings a different candy to share for s'mores. I made cookie dough for mine... yesss. 

3.) Grill. 

4.) Go yardsaling-- find some neat treasures. 

5.) Sleep with the windows open. 

6.) Make a pink lemonade cake (I keep wanting to try this recipe-- it looks so summery and delicious!) 

7.) If you haven't gone night swimming yet... go. 

8.) Wash your car.

9.) Star gaze-- actually I hate mosquitos, so I prefer to stargaze in the winter with blankets and a pillow, but to each his own :)

10.) Get icecream-- sit outside. 

11.) Creek stomping! Grab a bucket and a little net if you'd like and catch some crayfish (a favorite summer past time of mine). Collect little broken pieces of pottery and other trinkets you may find. 

12.) Take pictures with a friend. 

13.) Drive somewhere you've never gone. Take back roads. Pull over and explore your new surroundings. (bring a friend)

14.) Finally do the Spring cleaning you never got around to doing. 

15.) Have a picnic at Peace Valley-- i suggest grilled tomato & zucchini on ciabatta with mozzarella. (Stop at Tabora before hand and get a fun dessert). Stay until the sun sets.