Snow // All You Know is a Velvet Grey

No going outside for us today. We had plans to but then pj's and good food inside our little home felt way too perfect. Blizzards are for sleeping in, making art, and warm ovens-- scary movies, video games, and hiding under piles of blankets-- watching the windows go blank with endless snow flakes. Omelets were a must for breakfast because everyone knows snow always calls for warm bellies. I finished and hung our paper snowflakes, and played around with my camera because it's been too long. I finally got around to pouring over the amazing book my best friend got me for Christmas of a photographers life spent following and photographing a band (what dreams are made of). We made cookies and romped out in the snow up to our knees to give some to our neighbor who graciously plowed our entire parking lot, sidewalks, and cars-- Thank God for kind people. I always get so excited to get snowed in but then cabin fever starts to set in and I get antsy to go out and explore. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. 
My Blizzard Playlist: 
-Holocene- Bon Iver
-A Private Death- Blue Sky Black Death
-Runaway- Aurora
-When I Go- Emancipator
-Ice On Her Lashes- Brooke Fraser
-For Now I Am Winter- Arnor Dan & Olafur Arnalds
-Calgary- Bon Iver
-Northern Wind- City & Colour
-The Violet Hour- The Civil Wars
-We Move Lightly- Dustin O'Halloran
-Kolnidur- Jonsi
-The Dreamers- Oscar & The Wolf
-Breathe- The White Birch
-Into The Fray- The Grey (Soundtrack)
-He Dreams He's Awake- Stars

Featured book: "Family" by Lauren Dukoff