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Saturday Morning | Crepe Date

I'm patting myself on the back for the most ingenious idea of a homemade crepe bar date with my hubby-- (We've been waiting for it all week... it's seriously all we talked about these last few days)--what can I say, we love breakfast foods... and any excuse to smother Nutella on everything, of course. I love cooking with him-- he was the head batter pourer and I, the crepe flipper-- together we chatted about life while the smell of a delicious french breakfast wafted in the air-- ooh la la, c'est la vie. Crepe master pieces were concocted (Might I suggest the sweet cream and strawberries drizzled with honey?), stories shared, love tangible. Oh Saturdays, how I love you. 

Our favorite crepe combonations to try:
-Sweet cream cheese, honey, fresh strawberries
-Nutella and marshmallow
-Peanutbutter chips, nutella, honey
-Orange Marmalade and sweet cream cheese
-Bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese