"I know a lot of photographers, but never have I met anyone who captures people and the beauty of the earth combined so well."

"I love Julie's work-- the time she puts into each project is beyond appreciated! I've worked with Julie several times and at the end of every shoot, I always feel like I can trust her to pick the best photos and take her time to edit each one for the best and most beautiful outcome. I'm so thankful to experience working with someone who genuinely cares if I love the photos-- someone who wants to make sure I feel like my best self and not just rush through the process to get it done. Her work is stunning and she is one of the best out there!"


"I'll start by saying that in this life, it's not every day that you meet such a talented, artistic gem. Before I met Julie, I was inspired by her unique perspective and the magical quality her photos possess. Throughout the portrait scheduling process, her emails were laced with contagious excitement; a priceless bonus in my portrait package. The moment Julie pulled up in her little yellow Mini Cooper, I knew she would be a kindred soul. As this ray of sunshine with an adorable messy bun atop her head, effortlessly captured fairytale moments with her lens, she captured a piece of my heart. I would recommend Julie to everyone I know, as she is more than a photographer. She has a kind heart and a sweet, gentle soul, but most importantly an incredible knack for freezing unforgettable moments in time. Her photo session gave me a new appreciation for my unique beauty and reminded me that we should take time to celebrate who we are. When my friends looked at my photos, their first reaction was, "This captures who you are.". I was so blessed by a once in a lifetime experience that I will always treasure."


"If I could eat or drink your photos, I would do it. Simply wonderful!"


"We have used Julie Floro Photography for several occasions and absolutely LOVE her! She is so sweet, a pleasure to work with, and always delivers amazing quality photos. Julie is a true artist! You can tell she loves what she does and it shines through her work. Four photo sessions later, I can say I highly recommend her and I plan to use her amazing services in the future."


"Julie is the kind of person who feels like a long time friend, even if you have never met before. She is authentic, genuine, caring, and extremely sweet. She is great at giving direction, and also fantastic at capturing moments candidly as they unfold. I've seen Julie grow in her talents within the past couple of years, and I am so excited to see where God is going to take her next in her journey! You will be in good hands choosing Julie as your photographer. She makes everyone feel at home no matter who she meets."


"My Fiance and I worked with Julie last summer, but have been following her work for quite some time. What made us want to work with Julie is her unique perspective, her ability to add her own flavor and artist's touch, and the sincerity in her work. We were excited to work with Julie and were blown away by her kindness, efficiency, and the absolute fun we had during our shoot. Our photos exceeded our expectations, and captured our relationship in such a beautiful way. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a photographer who will really seek to bring your vision to life. Julie is a true artist."
-Allie + Nick

"We were beyond amazed at Julie's work on our session. She puts so much time and effort into her photos, and has an amazing eye for the little details. I highly recommend her!"


"Hauntingly beautiful."


"Julie is such a joy to work with! She has an extraordinary ability to truly capture the atmosphere while ensuring top notch quality. Her honest and adventurous personality allows her to work well with all types of individuals and locations. She was also exceptionally prompt in responding to all our inquiries. I highly recommend Julie for any occasion!"


"I discovered Julie's beautiful work through a local online bridal group and decided she would be the one to photograph the wedding invitations I design. From the get to, I was impressed by Julie's style. It's the kind of photography that you can't look away from and want more of. The was my first ever professional styled shoot + portrait of me! Needless to say, Julie did an amazing job. She created beautiful scenes that I use for advertising all the time, which have greatly improved the look and feel of my website and marketing materials. Excellent quality work is what I received from Julie. She is a true professional! I would highly recommend Julie to any small business owner looking for Pinterest worthy photos of their products."
-Heather Ashley of Pretty Ink Press, LLC

"I've lived in Bucks County since 2009 and have used several well known photographers in the area for various family photos. The photos always looked cheesy to me instead of artistic and meaningful. I'm super picky about my photos! Left frustrated, I decided to try Julie Floro Photography and I'm so thankful I did! We first hired Julie for our son's newborn shoot-- she even came to the house! It was so casual and exactly what we were wanting. She was honest about not having much experience at the time with photographing babies, but she gave it a shot anyway, and after seeing the photos you wouldn't have known it. They were so beautiful! What a relief it was to find her! My son is now 3 and she's been our photographer ever since, creating keepsake works of art for our family. Julie continues to wow us with her work, never getting stale. Her care and attention to detail is so special, and her passion for photography and creativity is greatly inspiring. Thank you for what you do, Julie, and for sharing your gift. How lucky we are to have you as our photographer."

"Julie-- Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing such a beautiful job photographing our wedding. You were truly the calm in our storm of a crazy, unexpected rainy day, and knowing that you were there capturing ever insane moment was a true joy. Your photographs are so gorgeous, and everything we could have wanted and more. Seriously, I don't think anyone could have captured all the love and happiness of our wedding day like you did. I still get butterflies looking through all our pictures. Thank you for being you, and for all your help from day one. You are an amazing talent and we feel very fortunate that you were a part of our wedding day. #WadeAmongTheWildflowers 4eva!!"
-Shira & Drew